Capilano U’s Waste Audit takes place on the Tuesday of Waste Reduction Week each year, meaning our 8th annual audit will be held on October 20—behind the Sportsplex as always. New this year is our Garbage Gala: A Trash Tradeshow—a collection of various organizations that are involved in all things waste, be that composting, upcycling, electronics recycling or other fascinating ways to deal with garbage.

As part of Waste Reduction Week, the audit highlights how Capilano has steadily been decreasing the amount of waste sent to the landfill, thanks in part to our Zero Waste Stations, as well as increased awareness of the importance of recycling.

We will again be showcasing how many coffee cups are incorrectly thrown into the landfill stream. The lids and cups should go in the Containers (Blue) bin, and the cardboard sleeves should go into Mixed Paper (Yellow). We will also be displaying how many water bottles are used in a day on campus—it’ll be a shocker!

Just like last year, we will also be collecting old electronics and batteries from the campus and the community—so spread the word! Most energy-saving campaigns focus on purchasing new, efficient products or saving energy while using devices, but we have come full circle by offering proper end-use recycling, to ensure devices end up in the right place.

The key reason? Protecting the environment from toxic materials that can leach out from these electronics. Another reason to recycle e-waste is to save the energy and resources by re-using the metals and plastics from old devices—instead of making and mining new ones. Recycling e-waste just makes sense!

Organizations that will be participating in the Gala include ShareShed, ElectroCycle, North Shore Sports Swap, Bridge Brewing and our very own Capilano University Bookstore! The bookstore will be selling reusable water bottles and mugs to support our waste reduction goals.

Action items: Bring your old electronics for recycling and bring your own reusable dishware to the cafeteria on October 20—stay tuned for details!

Feel free to check out the sort as it’s taking place behind the Sportsplex (8 a.m. to 3 p.m.), as well as the Garbage Gala in the Lower Cafeteria (Birch) from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Want to be involved? Let us know!

Written by Marina Van Driel, Sustainability Assistant, Facilities Department

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