A lot of people like to say they’re adventurous, but for how many is it really the truth? Sure, out here in British Columbia, we’ve got plenty of rock climbers, skydivers and bungee jumpers (have you ever wondered why “adventure” always seems to involve the risk of falling from great heights?), but how many people do you know whose curiosity truly coerces them out of their comfort zones?

William Luan was a model student in China. Studying economics and international trade at the China University of Geosciences in Wuhan, his grades were good and he was set for success. In his third year, however, he had a revelation. “I wanted to know the world for myself,” he says. Instead of just reading about other countries, instead of watching foreign TV shows, William decided that, before he started a comfortable career at home, he absolutely had to live abroad.

For a new grad like William, enrolling in an overseas master’s program was the perfect avenue to adventure. Like many, he first considered a school in the United States but missed the application deadline. Today, he considers that a happy twist of fate. A trusted professor then recommended Capilano University’s unique graduate studies program offering a North American and International Management Graduate diploma earned in Canada plus a Master of Science in International Business from the University of Hertfordshire in the UK. Two credentials in two different countries? William was sold.

Like any top-notch business student, he breaks down his favourite aspects of the program into three perfect bullet points:

1. The structure of the class

“We have classmates from all around the world. Everyone has a different culture and background. This is a great opportunity to understand different styles of business and ways of life.”

2. The teaching style

“It’s awesome. The professors link business theories with the real world. It’s like we’re doing real business, we just happen to be in class.”

3. The international component

“The combination of studying in Canada and in England provides the opportunity to study a range of business styles. It’s also a really great chance to see the EU and interact with the people.”

As you might expect, however, schoolwork makes up only a fraction of the rich experience of studying abroad, especially for an explorer at heart like William. After all, who’s to say an aspiring Chinese business executive can’t volunteer for Vancouver Fashion Week? Or the city’s largest Latin American cultural organization? “All my work placements helped me understand the world off campus,” says William. “I was building my networks, learning business skills and having a lot of fun too.”

Currently, William’s professional goals are in the energy industry as he hopes to work towards nurturing the growing relationship between Canada and China—also the focus of his dissertation. After his experience studying at Cap, William hopes to continue working in Canada, but admits we might not be able to keep him forever. “I want my career to send me to many more places in the world!” he says. Sounds like he’s well on his way.

Submitted by Marketing & Communications