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5 awesome experiences you can only get at Capilano University

Thousands of students choose to study at Capilano University each year due, in part, to its innovative hands-on programs. The...

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A cabinet for the Canada of 2015

Electoral winds of change swept through Ottawa, taking a male-dominated Conservative cabinet with it.
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PoliSci students hot on the 2015 campaign trail

Elections, the heart of the democratic process, comes around only once every four years or so and students are seizing the opportunity to engage in all kinds of political analysis and debate.
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Your city. Your future. Your choice.

With the municipal elections just around the corner, we asked Capilano U Political Studies instructor, Tim Schouls for his take...

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A moment in time


General Vo Nguyen Giáp, politician and commander of the Vietnam People’s Army, passed away this fall at the age of...

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October 24: United Nations Day


“We are living through a period of profound turmoil, transition and transformation. Insecurity, inequality and intolerance are spreading. Global and...

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