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Second Chance puts Bosa Centre on the silver screen


As the cameras rolled and the background extras prepared for their cue, Capilano University’s Nat and Flora Bosa Centre for...

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Jonathan Whitesell: Taking the screen by storm

gallery It was landing the lead in his sixth grade play that first sparked Jonathan Whitesell’s interest in acting.
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Chelsey Reist: Rising actor in CW’s The 100

As Harper on the CW’s The 100, a day on set for Capilano alum Chelsey Reist starts at 6 a.m....

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Motion picture arts: The next generation

Remember the big news last year? Despite a volatile Canadian dollar and fierce competition across the continent, the North Shore’s...

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A record year for North Shore film


Fresh off the high of hearing a certain superstar call Vancouver “the best city in the world” for a new...

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