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Cap in Photos: 2017

Cap in Photos is a monthly retrospective of campus life. Each gallery features the work of CapU’s Communications & Marketing photographers. As we say goodbye to 2017...
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10 tips for ‘making it’ in the music industry

Whether behind the scenes or on the stage, knowing what it takes to ‘make it’ in the music industry is...

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Kara Gibbs: Change through art at the Chan


Growing up in Vancouver, Kara Gibbs played piano and dreamed of a future in the arts. But once she’d dispensed...

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Bonnie McGrew: The businesswoman behind the music

When you walk into Bonnie McGrew’s office at Chief Music Management, you can’t help but notice the glint of framed...

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Derrival’s path to the Peak Performance finals

“Hey wouldn’t it be cool if we started a band?”— said nearly every high school student ever. The thing is,...

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Come ‘ow’ to the show!

Americans often make fun of the Canadian accent, over pronouncing words here and there, sounding like a lame Irish brogue....

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Concert in the Woods


As the air turns crisp and cold and the days darker, it’s important to keep upbeat and awake. To help...

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