As the cameras rolled and the background extras prepared for their cue, Capilano University’s Nat and Flora Bosa Centre for Film and Animation (Bosa) was transformed into Seattle State University this past September 21—a backdrop for FOX’s new hit show, Second Chance, which is scheduled to air in 2016.

As one of the go-to destinations for some of Tinseltown’s biggest blockbusters (X-Men, Mission Impossible IV and Twilight, to name a few), Vancouver—or Hollywood North as our neighbours south of the border call us—has long played host to film and television crews.

Award-winning director Brad Turner, an Ontario native whose bragging rights include Homeland, 24, Nikita, The Vampire Diaries and 21 Jump Street, is the man behind Second Chance, a thrilling new action-drama that poses the question, “What would you do with a second chance?”

Welcome back to Canada, Brad! How does it feel to shoot Second Chance in Vancouver?

It’s great to be back! I used to live in Vancouver, and I cut my teeth as a director here before beginning my career in Los Angeles. Though I’ve been away for about 15 years, the dynamic is still the same. Vancouver’s film centre has a great depth of talent and very well-trained crew. I’ve shot all over the world, from New Zealand to Georgia, and I would rate Vancouver as one of the top destinations after Los Angeles and New York.

As you mentioned, you’ve worked with film crews all over the world. What stands out about Vancouver?

Vancouver attracts the best-of-the-best creative talent. What’s really great about shooting here is the availability of well-trained crew. Crews are very efficient; they’ve been trained at a very high level and understand what we need, which makes it easy to work with them. Knowing what shot is coming up next and what’s required for it is so important.

When you’re working on a production with so much content, you need efficient people to support you. We get that here in Vancouver.

Why did you choose Capilano, specifically the Bosa Centre, to shoot Second Chance?

Well, our show is meant to be a graphically shot series, and the building and its architecture spoke to me. The simplicity of the design and open spaces really worked well for the show and serviced all of the pieces I needed for this episode.

How important is a centre like Bosa when it comes to training opportunities?

What’s great about a facility like the Bosa Centre is that you learn the practical elements of making film and television. Everything we do in the film industry is meant to service a creative vision. The more you understand the entire process, from writing the script to post-production, the more you’ll know how to achieve that vision. The students who make films [at the Bosa Centre] know how hard it is to get to the end game. At the end of the day, they’re the ones we want to work with.

Submitted by Communications & Marketing, Q&A by Sarah Parker

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Second Chance premieres on FOX on Jan 13, 2016. Learn more about the show here.