The REC 252: Project Change class is special. It’s designed to build environmental and social awareness and to empower students to become agents of positive change. During the term, Tourism Management and Outdoor Recreation students plan and carry out a social or environmental stewardship project that positively impacts their community. And it’s about more than just grades. In a demanding world where resources are sparse, results need to be specific and measurable and viability needs to be proven, even in the non-profit sector. That’s why REC 252 students measure the tangible differences their projects have made in the community.

From collecting more than 12,000 new and used toiletry items for a local women’s shelter (watch the students’ Beauty on Duty video) to organizing an invasive species plant-pull, see what the agents of change from REC 252 accomplished last semester:

Submitted by Chris Carnovale, instructor, Faculty of Global & Community Studies