With the start of a new term comes the need for new stuff. Whether you need a new suit of clothes or a new suite of furniture, North Vancouver has plenty of choices for all things not new. You can feel pleased with yourself for recycling, reusing, replacing and saving more things from the landfill. Some of the choices below even offer triple benefits—something nice for you, less for the landfill and the opportunity to be a just a little bit of a philanthropist.

Besides the usual Craigslist, Kijiji and newspaper ad section, check out the following places you can buy almost anything you need—either second hand or very marked down.

The best deals are on Freecycle. Just create a brief, free login to gather what you need at no charge (and give away anything you don’t need!). What could be better than FREE?

The North Shore boasts at least four thrift stores where everything (including the kitchen sink) can be purchased—with the added bonus of helping others while you spend. When you shop at the SPCA Thrift Store, revenue from your purchases goes directly to animals in need. Salvation Army Thrift Stores help a number of human causes and the Good Stuff Connection Thrift Store supports programs for women and children. If you need paint, building supplies, tools—or even a sink—try Habitat for Humanity ReStore—your purchase will fund Habitat homebuilding projects.

If all you desire is a bike (or a bicycle built for two), ice skates, a racquet, skis or a snowboard, North Shore Sports Swap might be just the place for you. If your own bike is in need of a tune-up or new brakes, the staff there can help with that as well. If you’re looking for outdoor equipment, check out ShareShed, started by Capilano U’s own Daniel Dubois. Based on a sharing economy zeitgeist, local owners rent out everything from tents to headlamps to stand-up paddleboards.

Should a used desktop, laptop or tablet be on your wish list, try North Vancouver Laptops. Their refurbished machines are priced well below new.

You have found a wonderful place to rent for the fall term, but it has no furniture. Not to worry, Consignment Canada is there to help out. Some of their products are antiques, but others are simply second hand and will help make your new home a cozy den.

Of course, you can never have too many books, so pay a visit to Back Lane Books. It’s just like having your own personal library where the books are for sale and you can take them home for good!

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