“Being a scuba dive instructor student means that you usually spend more time wet than dry, usually move and function better underwater than on land, and people usually see you as a mermaid in training. How awesome is this!” says Capilano University student, Jennifer Keays.

“Swimming alongside a giant Pacific Octopus, being able to identify sea stars, fish, anemones and all other type of marine life you see along your dive, is a typical day for us scuba students. Not only do we excel at mastering our underwater techniques, we also take tourism management and outdoor adventure classes. These classes teach us, upcoming industry professionals, what we need to know about the tourism industry, marine biology and communications at work. These classes are university credited and those credits are transferable to any tourism program offered at Cap U.”

How cool is that? If you’d like to explore a career in the world of diving, check out the Vancouver Aquarium’s 15th annual Divers’ Weekend January 18-19. Students and faculty members from Capilano University’s Professional Scuba Dive Instructor program will be taking part in this one-of-a-kind celebration of diving.

Come visit the Capilano U booth, see and hear about our dive training experiences on the Sunshine Coast, and enjoy the opportunity to explore the oceans. Divers receive a 50% discount off admission by presenting proof of certification.

Learn more about the Professional Scuba Dive Instructor program and other tourism and outdoor recreation programs in the Faculty of Global & Community Studies.

We hope to see you at the Vancouver Aquarium this weekend!

Submitted by Catherine Evans and Lydia Watson, instructors, Faculty of Global & Community Studies