Jeri Krogseth has never shied away from making cold calls for donations to Capilano University’s Foundation, but the thought of giving an acceptance speech at Capilano University’s 2016 convocation had her shaking in her golf shoes this spring.

“I don’t mind getting on the phone and making calls and if people say, ‘Thanks for the information, but not right now.’ I don’t take it personally,” she said, in a telephone interview from a golf course in Southern California in April. “I just thought everybody was going to be as enthusiastic as I am.”

June 6, 2016, Capilano University recognized Krogseth with an honorary doctorate degree, as someone who exemplifies the University’s commitment to student success and community service. While Krogseth is grateful for the honour, public recognition has never been her driver. An instinct to help others has fuelled Krogseth’s 50 years of serving students.

Krogseth taught and counselled high school students for more than 20 years before she joined Capilano (then) College as an admissions advisor and education planner. Not long after her arrival on campus, she volunteered as a member of Capilano University’s Foundation Board and continued her service as a member of the board for 30 years.

Krogseth also served as a founding member of the Board of the Capilano University Alumni Association and led the establishment of the association’s fund to offer emergency financial aid for students. Her work in raising funds for Capilano University’s Sportsplex, library and theatre has benefited the entire North Shore community.

Powering young athletes

“I’m not a star athlete at all,” Krogseth said, but she appreciates how playing on teams boosts personal growth. She has supported youth in sports as a fundraiser, donor and coach.

To present Capilano University as the first choice for promising student athletes from the North Shore, she and her husband Don seeded the University’s Athletic Entrance Endowment Fund.

“We started out at $10,000 and now it’s at $155,000,” she said. “It’s very, very satisfying to know there are students who are receiving those funds and doing well.”

Many happy returns

Krogseth says she has personally benefited from her good work.

“It makes me happy to know that I can do something that will help somebody else,” she said. “I like to do it where I can see the benefit, I can see the results. When I do something for the Foundation, I see that it makes a difference.”

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