Thirty-one talented jazz musicians and vocalists take the stage for their final performances at Capilano University during grad recitals happening all this month. Students are graded on their performances, but the recitals are also celebratory events for family, friends and the Capilano Jazz community. Everyone, including the general public, is welcome to attend.

“For each recital, a student assembles a band of their peers and friends to help them perform,” says Jared Burrows, instructor and coordinator of Cap’s Jazz Studies program. “This might mean two or three others, but it can be much more. Last week we had two composition recitals where the students put together a 24-member orchestra including three drum sets, multiple electric guitars, winds, and brass to play their music. There was barely room for everyone on the stage!”

While these artists are making their final appearance at Cap, you’ll be seeing more of them in the local and international jazz scene for years to come. Capilano’s Jazz Studies program is renowned across Canada for its exceptional faculty and alumni, which includes 2013 Juno Award winners Cat Toren, Russel Sholberg and Cole Schmidt of Pugs and Crows, award-winning saxophonist Cory Weeds and New York-based saxophonist Evan Arntzen and trumpeter Bria Skonberg, to name just a few grads.

“There are so many gifted and hardworking players in our program every year,” says Jared. “I’ve been at Cap for seven years now and every group of graduates is amazing to me in their positive energy, creativity and dedication to this art form.”

Before they leave Cap, Jazz students are already engaged in professional activities. Many are already performing and recording professionally as freelance players or with bands in a variety of genres. Others work in music for theatre, perform on cruise ships or teach in local music schools. Some go on to do teacher training and become public school teachers or continue with advanced training in graduate school.

“Our students are musically prepared for any opportunity that comes their way and the community that we create here provides them with a great network to build and create their own opportunities.”

Check out the graduation recital schedule for details on upcoming performances.

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