If you don’t think persistence pays off, then you haven’t met Jeyna Plowman. Jeyna quit school when she was in Grade 11. After that she was employed in a number of jobs, mostly in sales. Turning 30 was a turning point for her and she finally realized that she would never have a satisfying or good paying job without returning to school.

After talking to friends and a number of other people, she decided to work towards becoming an ultrasound technician. However, the first thing she needed to do was finish Grade 12. That’s where Capilano University’s Adult Basic Education program at the Sunshine Coast campus came into the picture. This was back in 2011 and since then she has received credit for eight different courses in four subject areas. She only has two more courses to complete and has achieved this while working nearly full-time.

When asked what she likes most about the Adult Basic Education program, Jeyna answers: “The flexibility of the instructors and the times classes are offered. Most subjects are scheduled over several days of the week and at a variety of times including early evenings. This makes it easier for me to balance work and school. And most importantly the instructors are always patient and really want me to succeed and reach my goals.”

Jeyna is a vibrant, positive presence at the campus. She has won many bursaries and scholarships to help with the expense of schooling and is grateful for the opportunities available at a small campus. According to Becky Wayte, convenor for the program and computer instructor, “Jeyna has shown a persistence and dedication to her schooling that is really outstanding and a bit unusual. All of us at the campus will really miss her when she moves on, but we are also extremely proud of what she has accomplished.”

Submitted by the Sunshine Coast campus