Gifts of health are a post-holiday-season life-saver. When everyone has been generally overindulgent and underactive, options that help to get back on track will right there waiting for the recipient. The following gifts of health guide includes both resources and gift ideas for a healthy 2016.

At the top of the list is an absolutely free resource, available at the touch of a keypad. Canadian institution Participaction has a vision, set of values and strategic plan to keep Canadians physically active through innovative engagement initiatives and thought leadership.

Studies have recently shown that too much sitting isn’t good for us, so moving around is the obvious solution. Whether you simply fidget or run a marathon, anything is better than sitting in one place hour after hour. We have some ideas that will keep your blood rushing and your limbs limbered! Stand up more often, learn desk yoga, use a standing desk and print off the Participaction info graphic, post and refer to it.

Everyone remembers jumping rope or skipping as a child. It was fun, portable and everyone could afford it. Well, it’s still there! About 18 minutes of skipping will easily burn off the calories from that chocolate bar. Some people on your list would love a jump rope for Christmas—Rogue Canada offers 25 styles of jump ropes available to choose from.

Our own Sportsplex offers a variety of healthy activities to get you moving. From indoor soccer, to basketball, to racquet sports, to yoga, table tennis and movement sessions, there is something for everyone and it is hyperlocal—right across the parking lot! And this is a free gift—there’s no charge for most of the activities offered!

If running or walking to the beat in all kinds of weather is up your alley, wireless headphones designed to keep your ears warm will do the trick. A thoughtful gift for students who love their tunes.

Everybody’s favourite carry-all store, Lee Valley, features a Cooling Bandana to keep you cool while working out or out working. Lee Valley is the purveyor of many wonderful items that you never knew you or others needed.

Do you do yoga or know someone who does? The sweat repelling and eco-friendly yoga mat just might be the most useful post-holiday fitness necessity for the yoga aficionado.

If you are simply too busy to get out and shop healthy, try Jules Wellness Lifestyle Box. If you take out a subscription, each month you will receive the gift of a box containing health-conscious snacks, good-for-you skincare products, supplements and even a bite or two of artisan chocolate.

Along the same lines—but specifically for students—Student Velocity features a monthly care package for students. For between $20 and $30 per month, a specially chosen box of “student survival tools” will arrive in your special student’s mailbox.

Finally, the North Vancouver Recreation and Culture department would like you to get in your best shape after the eating pleasures of the holidays are over. Land fitness, aquatic fitness—even specialty fitness—courses are available year-round, so you have no excuse not to keep your well-intentioned New Year’s resolution. The Playcard available online allows the cardholder access to the facilities and comes with a system of discounts for purchases at 25 local businesses.