For all you bright, young minds out there in your last months of high school, it may seem like university is a long way off—but you know better. You’ve been researching schools, talking to your siblings and friends, getting advice from your bosses and parents. You’ve done campus tours, visited open houses, maybe even submitted your applications!

You’ve probably also considered how you’re going to pay for it all. A little saved from summer jobs, a little from parents, maybe a student loan. But did you know there’s another source of funding that many people overlook? 

There are 21 types of entrance awards given to new students at Capilano University each year. Only three of these offer automatic consideration. The remaining 18 require applications—and this is your heads up: all are due on March 31, 2015.

Find your award

Each entrance award has specific criteria, and yes, some specify things like program of study (e.g. Jazz Studies, Business, Global Stewardship), secondary school (e.g. Windsor Secondary), or personal situation (e.g. international student, living with a disability). A lot of other awards, however, are open to a pretty wide range of applicants. All you need to do is meet a minimum grade requirement and demonstrate financial need (as assessed by Financial Aid and Awards). After that, it’s all about your application. 

Here are a few you should really consider:

(Note: these are summaries only. For full award descriptions visit

Capilano University We Act Entrance Scholarships
Rewards leadership skills, community involvement, preference given to We Act program participants. Full tuition. Application form (pdf)

Capilano Excellence Scholarships (CAPX)
Rewards leadership skills, community involvement. Full tuition. Application form (pdf) (Note: We Act Entrance Scholarship applicants are automatically considered for CAPX. A second application is not required.)

Capilano University Entrance Award
Demonstrated financial need, cumulative average of %75. $1,000. Application form (pdf)

Fairfax Financial Holdings Limited Entrance Award
Full-time studies, demonstrated financial need, cumulative average of %75. Up to $7,000 over two academic years. Application form (pdf)                                

The Margeaux Trailblazer Award
Rewards male or female students enrolled in a non-traditional program for their gender. Full-time studies, demonstrated financial need. Value varies. Application form (pdf)

Canadian Daughters’ League – Marjory and George Riste Entrance Award
Awarded to one male and one female student per academic year. Rewards leadership and community involvement. Full-time Associate of Arts or Sciences, demonstrated financial need. $1,000 – $2,000. Application form (pdf)

The application game

Now all that’s left is to show us how awesome you are! Here are 7 tips for a standout application from Cap’s own Financial Aid & Awards expert, Joanne Ogilvie:

  • Read over each application carefully. Then, look back at your high school career. Did you co-ordinate an event? Volunteer in your community? Serve on student council? Include everything you can.
  • Don’t wait! Even students who have not yet been accepted to Capilano University can apply for Entrance Awards.
  • Fill it out in full. Don’t skip any questions. If you don’t have an answer, indicate “0” or “N/A.”
  • Proofread everything. Decisions can often come down to essay styles or even spelling errors.
  • Put your name on every page. Many applications are received each year. Make sure you don’t get lost in the pile!
  • Save some paper. Applications can be submitted as PDF documents by email to

  • Hang in there. Students will be notified in July 2015 if they have been selected to receive an award. And remember, even if you don’t receive an Entrance Award this year, there are many more scholarships, bursaries and awards available after becoming a student at Cap.

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