The beginning of the school semester is a busy time—one that is especially exciting if it’s your first university experience. From organizing your class schedule and buying books to meeting new friends, the first few weeks will fly by. Before you know it, October will have arrived and the study season will be in full swing.

But don’t let the semester sneak up on you! Practicing proper reading strategies early on will keep course work manageable and make exam studying much less stressful.

Good habits are the key to university success, says Capilano University counsellor Karen Peardon. “If you can get a head start on learning and practicing these strategies and techniques, then you’re not in the middle of the term trying to learn the tools when you are also trying to learn the content,” she says.

Try out Cap’s second set of skill-based summer workshops on reading strategies and exam preparation this Tuesday, September 1, to learn the tools to success before the work even starts.

Reading Strategies for Comprehension, Retention & Recall Workshop — Tuesday, September 1, 11:15 am-12:30 pm

Weekly readings are a regular part of university course work. At the beginning of each semester, you’ll find yourself loaded up with books to guide your learning over the next few months. Looking over the list of literature can be daunting, but staying on top of readings will keep you engaged with class material and make studying for exams much easier.

The trick to tackling reading material is to prioritize. “No one tells you what is important to read,” says Cap counsellor Keith Lam. “You have to figure out what is important information.”

The Reading for Comprehension, Retention and Recall workshop teaches students active reading techniques that will show you how to break down textbook material. This will help you to identify need-to-know information and commit it to memory quickly.

Although it can be easy to neglect your readings at the start of the school year, you’ll be kicking yourself later if you do. The few hours a week that readings require are well worth it! They increase comprehension during lectures, help you to retain important information and keep you on top of study material—so you don’t find yourself trying to re-learn everything when exam time rolls around!

Exam Preparation & Memory Strategies Workshop — Tuesday, September 1, 1:15-2:30 pm

Just as classes start to slow down near end of term, exams start gearing up. It’s time for all the knowledge you’ve gained over course of the semester to be put to the test!

There’s no point in denying it—exam time can be stressful. But with a few strategies and some preparation, the anxiety can be managed and channeled into productive study habits. The upcoming exam strategies workshop teaches students how to study productively and thus avoid cramming.

According to Karen, it’s all about attitude. “It’s important to have a centred and grounded attitude about what you’re hoping to accomplish with this particular class and to be able to put it into perspective in your life,” she says. Keeping your goals top of mind will help you stay motivated when studying starts to get tough.

Plus, a positive attitude has been proven to help the brain perform better. Karen warns that starting an exam in a negative mindset can decrease results by up to 15 per cent. So keep your chin up—proper planning will have you acing your exams in no time.

Take advantage of these summer Success Workshops to ensure your semester goes smoothly—there’s more to come!

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