Artist Merrell Gerber’s East Vancouver studio is an airy and inspiring loft. We asked Gerber, who is also a sculpture technician in Capilano’s Studio Art program, to talk about some of the special items in her creative space.

  1. Animal skulls: “I collected them in New Mexico. I collect bones and skulls because I admire them sculpturally…the structure is just beautiful in itself. It’s like possessing a part of the spirit of the animal.”
  2. “He’s my pelagic shark! I like the idea of moving around the world to visit beaches and the ocean. The piece is a prayer for the planet with a humorous undertone.”
  3. Baby’s Mask: “It’s a personal piece I modeled and cast about dealing with childhood trauma.”
  4. Binoculars for watching the eagles: “A while ago I was watching the eagles play in the sky when I thought wouldn’t it be cool if they did that thing where they lock talons and right then they did…I was torn whether to keep watching or to run and grab someone to show!”
  5. A picture of my mother: “That’s the first image I saw of my mother (who was not part of my life). So much of my work is about searching for her. She’s kind of a ghost that I’m still chasing.”
  6. The music cabinet: “Music is a big part of the creative process. I listen to everything from bird calls, opera, blue grass, Dolly Parton, Nirvana…everything!”
  7. The perfect rock: “I traded for a wooden box from a studio colleague. It’s the perfect size and weight and with the foam they’re the perfect combo.”
  8. Wheel chock: “I found this out on the street. Formally, as a pure sculpture, it’s a beautiful object. I like the idea of objects holding things up, wedging things into place.”

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