Instructor Bob Muckle’s office is a virtual cabinet of curiosities illustrating Bob’s many years teaching anthropology at Capilano, as well as a geographical explosion of objects d’art, artifacts and tools of the trade. We asked Bob to talk about some of the items in his creative space.

  1. Bear spray: “This is for my many trips into the Lower Seymour Conservation Area, an area frequented by many bears. We have bear spray along to make the students more comfortable about being around bears, and secondly we use the older cans to let the students practice spraying.”
  2. Scorpion Sucker: “One of my colleagues gave this to me when he found out I had a small growing collection of odd, edible insect delicacies.”
  3. Self-portrait with Rattlesnakes: “Out in the desert around Ashcroft…rattlesnake hill…I was on an archeological project working with a B.C. First Nations man who was harvesting the snakes for ritual paraphernalia.”
  4. Snake-bite Kit: “A required component of my equipment when I’m working in the remote parts of the B.C. interior.”
  5. Toothpaste Tube: “I found this tube of toothpaste in a Japanese logging camp in the Lower Seymour Conservation Area. It dates from the 1920s.”
  6. Masai War Club: “I spent some time visiting some archeological sites in East Africa. This is a decommissioned weapon.”
  7. Masai Figure: “A classic souvenir of the same trip to East Africa.”
  8. My Tunes: “On my iPod right now I’ve been playing a lot of Bo Diddley…important figure in rock history.”

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