Capilano University business grads are embracing their inner drive

When Mariana Silveira made the decision to pursue a North American Business Management post-baccalaureate diploma from Capilano University’s School of Business, she based it on three key factors: inspiration, passion and career longevity.

“My husband and I made the decision to move to Canada from Brazil. I wanted to build on my previous law degree, and was inspired by people who were working in fields that they loved,” she explains.

During her time at Capilano, her studies grew to a genuine passion for the business world.

“I’ve met so many inspiring industry leaders and found really supportive mentors through my educational journey” says Silveira. “I began attending industry events, taking advantage of the networking opportunities that the School of Business offered, and found that a business credential, could propel me into almost any field I wanted to work in.”

Discovering Opportunities

On March 9, 2017, Silveira had the opportunity to attend the 11th annual Creating Connections event, hosted by both the Capilano School of Business and Career Services. This year marked the biggest turnout in the history of the event, with more than 270 students, sponsors and industry leaders coming together at the Pinnacle Hotel. Business representatives from the North Shore provided students with key tips and supportive advice, and discussed the qualities they often look for in new hires.

Finding Inspiration

Since the first event in 2006, participation from both student and industry leaders has grown five-fold, and the event has attracted increasingly influential keynote speakers. This year, social entrepreneur David Katz, founder of the Plastic Bank spoke to the group about the importance of cultivating the motivations that drive you.

“Be more concerned with who you are than what you know,” Katz said during his 20-minute keynote speech. “Employers will hire you for what you know, but fire you for who you are or aren’t. My company is doing something that no one has done before — and that is creating a commodity out of something that is considered worthless. In my company, if I pick the wrong ‘who’ I am doing an incredible disservice to the planet.”

Katz continued, “What will you (students) advocate for? Discover that first, then find those companies that will propel you.”

Expanding Options

Capilano University President, Paul Dangerfield, who was the Dean of Business when the event originated in 2006, said he is not surprised by the success of Creating Connections, and expects participation to continue to increase.

“We are the University of the North Shore, and we’ve come a long way in creating the connections we see in this room since 2006. As we continue to ensure that we only hire the best of the best in our faculty applicants, and look for initiatives that inspire and connect our students with local businesses and mentors, we continue to see interest in the School of Business growing substantially year over year,” says Dangerfield.

Submitted by Sarah Coull, Communications & Marketing

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