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Your Daily Cap is Capilano University’s official multi-author blog. YDC is all about connecting people to a world of opportunities at Cap U, but it’s also designed to show how the university is connected to the world around us. It’s about connecting people to the things that matter to them and to others with similar interests. It’s a meeting place for our community—prospective students and current students, learners and educators, parents and families, employees and employers, alumni and donors, media creators and media consumers. We hope you’ll find inspiration, information and a connection of your own making.

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Your Daily Cap is written by students, alumni and employees of Capilano University, and we’re always looking for writers. If you’re interested in writing for Your Daily Cap or would like to submit a completed blog post for consideration by our editor, send us an e-mail at ydc.editor@capilanou.ca

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If you have questions about YDC, contact us by email: yourdailycap@capilanou.ca

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For media inquiries, contact Cheryl Rossi at cherylrossi@capilanou.ca or 604.983.7596.

Your Daily Cap serves as a companion site to the university’s official website where you’ll find detailed information about programs, services, events and more. You can connect to the main website by clicking on the Capilano University logo on any page of Your Daily Cap.

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About Capilano University

Capilano University has earned an international reputation as a high quality, learner-centred institution. Located in British Columbia, Canada, the university welcomes students from 45 countries around the world to its campuses in North Vancouver, Squamish and Sechelt.