As a highly creative person, Christy Brain loves being able to chart her own course. Realizing she wanted something more meaningful than a retail “McJob,” Christy began taking general studies courses at Capilano University. When she heard that the Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies program allows students to build their own degrees, she was sold. “You get to come out with something completely unique to you,” she says. “The creativity that you’re allowed to express in how you shape your degree is amazing.” Christy followed her passion for art history to create a final project exploring the intersection of technology with museum culture. Today, she is working on an exhibit exploring Victorian “Dandy” culture for the Roedde House Museum in Vancouver’s West End, timed to correspond with Pride Week.

“The Liberal Studies program was an amazing fit. You’re able to create your own pathway and mold your own degree in what you want to research.”
Christy Brain
Bachelor of Arts degree (Liberal Studies)

How does the Liberal Studies program work?
In the first two years, you take foundational courses in Arts and Sciences. In third and fourth year, you narrow your focus by exploring common themes—like community, power and sustainability—from multidisciplinary perspectives. You also begin one-on-one tutorials with faculty where you explore and refine a research question based on your educational interests and career aspirations. This question is the basis of your capstone project, an impressive portfolio piece to take with you when you graduate.

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