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After weeks of digging and moving soil, rocks and other natural materials around, the innovative new playground at Capilano University’s Children’s Centre will be ready for its first explorers next week. Centre manager, Tia Smiths says “the children and educators in the Centre are extremely excited to get out there and experience the new space.” Read more about this initiative in the North Shore News article below.

Cap U Children’s Centre develops nature-inspired learning space
By Todd Major, North Shore News

Of all things in life, perhaps the most important is our hope for a bright future for our children.

I recently found some hope at a special place; but, this story is not just about hope, it’s about changing the status quo.

You see, there’s a change happening in childcare, and it’s changing the paradigm of play. Slowly passing are the days of over-priced, expensive aluminum and plastic playgrounds that come with large, empty safety zones, rubber fall protection mats and the liability-free version of recreation. Today’s educators are yearning for play spaces that involve experiential learning through physical interaction with the natural world.

Tucked under the forest at the Capilano University Children’s Centre are some passionate and caring people who won’t let the status quo keep them from pursuing their dream. They’re choosing a better way to guide the physical, intellectual and emotional development of children under the age of five. I first spoke with Jennifer Wilson, manager of development and alumni services for Capilano University.

Her passion and optimism was welcoming. “The families at the children’s centre are consulted to get their feedback,” she told me. “Through the parents and our staff, we are looking to build community, further the development of early childcare understanding and to create an enriching playlearn space for the children.”

Continue reading the full story in the North Shore News.

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