For five Mondays this past term, students from Capilano University’s Education and Employment Access program raised funds for Indian families through a bake sale in the Birch building. Students and staff alike purchased the homemade goodies, and the team raised almost $500 for their efforts.

The catalyst for this initiative was an inspiring day at WE Day Vancouver in November. The students attended the event as part of their goal of community connection and service learning. Afterwards, they pledged to take on both a local and global project that would make a difference in people’s lives.

Warm clothing was collected and donated to the North Shore’s Harvest Project in December and then the research began for their global commitment. Megan Beliveau, a representative from WE came to help the cohort focus in on what they thought was important. The students chose health and decided that India had some projects they were curious about.

“With their bake sale earnings, the students paid for 10 school children in India to have healthy lunches for an entire school year,” says EEA instructor, Kathryn Moscrip. They also provided a health care education plan for a family of four, and donated the leftover cash to a general fund managed by We Care India.

The team says that their standout take-aways were: chocolate is best, homemade is better, students appreciate a deal and we are all better when we are connected.

Submitted by Kathryn Moscrip, Education and Employment Access program