Keep your eyes open for BADM 218 students in Robin Furby’s Leadership in Teams class, getting the campus community to help save energy around campus!

On March 30th, students will be in the main areas of the main buildings incenting building occupants to take the stairs instead of elevators, asking people to turn off lights, computers and monitors, and shut windows and doors. This is part of the ongoing effort throughout March for each student team to save the most in their assigned building. They have been working with staff and faculty, targeting offices and classrooms, and now will be focusing on face to face engagements with the other building occupants!

The primary objective of this project is for student teams to create a community of change agents that take responsibility for their personal and collective electricity consumption across all buildings through behavior change initiatives on and off Capilano’s campuses.

This project also hopes to take personal responsibility and accountability further, by encouraging individuals to adopt an energy conservation attitude and understanding that will carry into their daily personal lives – beyond the University and into the community at large.

We have been tracking energy savings through an online metering system, as well as through participation. Each building has been designated a race car on the Pulse Energy dashboard, which can be viewed throughout the duration of the challenge at:

The more energy they save in their building, the faster the race car will move on the Pulse Energy dashboard, and will help determine the winner.

Your participation is crucial for ensuring student success, and we thank you in advance for your support!

Submitted by Marina Van Driel, Sustainability Assistant, Facilities Department

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