Ben Lee is an intrepid hunter-gatherer lost in the supermarket. He’s on a constant quest to rediscover the otherwise ordinary vegetable from our grocery store merchants, and turn it into something extraordinary. Ben’s aim is to hunt out, gather up, capture, and recontextualize by way of mould-making and casting techniques, the nature of our sustenance. By turning vegetables into bronze barbells, crab shells into bronze boots, skulls into seed pod time capsules, and broccoli into bronze trees, Ben hopes to honour the humble vegetable with humour and celebration and to monumentalize the mundane. Ben works as the sculpture technician in Studio Art and recently had a show in the Studio Art Gallery. 

  1. Heavy Metal Vegetables, cast bronze, 2010
  2. Love, Sex, Death, Repeat. seeds and wax, 2009
  3. Neptune’s Boots, cast bronze and boots, 2012
  4. Brassica Alveolus, cast bronze, 2012
  5. Nectar of the Dogs, cast bronze, 2012

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