There’s nothing like a little friendly gamification to get people charged up about reducing energy consumption and ultimately saving money! That is exactly what Capilano University Business Administration (BADM) students are doing this term, and what the Building Challenge is all about.

Noel Genoway and Phil Mentacos’ BADM 218 Leadership in Teams classes are once again participating in the Building Challenge this term, and their team campaigns have begun! 

This spring, 11 teams will be competing to save the most energy. The buildings are: Arbutus, Birch, Bosa, Cedar, Children’s Centre, Facilities, Fitness Centre, Fir, Library, Sportsplex and the TV Studio. Each team’s goal is to raise awareness of energy conservation, take action and create a community of change agents that take responsibility for their personal and collective electricity consumption across all buildings. This will be done through behavior change initiatives on and off campus.

Teams must conduct background research and interview key contacts to select the most appropriate energy conservation behaviour for their own building, selecting from: turning off the lights, turning off computer and monitors or taking fewer elevator trips.

The Facilities department will track energy savings through an online metering system, as well as through participation and behavior-change activities. Each building will be designated a racecar on the Pulse Energy dashboards One and Two, which can be viewed throughout the duration of the challenge (now until March 16th).

Thanks for helping Cap U save energy! 

Submitted by Marina Van Driel, Sustainability Assistant on Campus, Facilities Department 
(Update February 10: number of teams is now 11 as Maple building is no longer participating in the challenge)

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