Convocation isn’t just a celebration of accomplishments. It’s a huge transformational event, in that life from this point forward will be very different. No more late night study sessions, essays and assignments. You may see less of certain friends, or more because you have more time. You might begin a job search, prepare for grad school or dive right into an exciting new career.

Given all these new opportunities and challenges, some advice is in order! Below is some well-earned wisdom from members of the Capilano University Alumni Association Board, who have walked the same path and been in your shoes. Here are their thoughts.

“Continue to engage your brain. Learning is a lifelong endeavour. Strive to accomplish something meaningful each and every day. Never stop growing your network. With new relationships, come new opportunities. And take pride in everything you do regardless of the size or importance of the task.”
—Brad Hallwood, BBA degree (2011)

“Remember that there is always an opportunity to turn a negative situation into a positive one as long as you can recognize the possibility.”
—Maria Valiouk, BBA degree (2009)

“Travel as much as you can, especially in your 20s when you have the least commitments and remain infinitely curious about all things. Travelling not only opens your mind and your heart, it puts everything into perspective.”
—Suzanne Rashed, Arts and Entertainment Management certificate (2005)

“Sixty-five per cent of jobs out there are never advertised. Step outside your comfort zone, keep your ears to the ground, network within your industry, make yourself known, and seek out those opportunities. You want to generate interest from individuals who want to introduce you to someone who is hiring, even if they aren’t.”
—Dennis Pang, BBA degree (2010) and 2013 One to Watch Award recipient

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Also, here are some helpful tips for planning your day at Convocation, which takes place Monday, June 1.

Submitted by the Capilano U Alumni Association

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