Every student has a unique learning journey, and it sometimes involves a bit of upgrading—whether that’s completing high school credits or upgrading a crucial prerequisite before taking the next step. That’s where Capilano University’s Adult Basic Education (ABE) program comes in. Our instructors know it can be intimidating to set foot in a classroom if you haven’t done so in a while, and their hands-on mentoring style will set you up for success. Here are the top 5 reasons to choose the ABE program:

  1. Flexible options designed by you. If you’ve got a part-time job, a family or want to learn at your own speed, the ABE program has self-paced, paced and blended options available. The program offers many of the courses like Math, English, History, and Computers online, too. And for the first time ever, Capilano U’s ABE program is offering online options for students.​
  2. Bridge into your dream job. The ABE program offers high-school equivalent courses in Biology, Math, English, Chemistry, History, Physics and Computers so that you can upgrade your skills and GPA to gain entry into your next program. If you want to take some ABE courses along with a first-year university English course, check out the accelerated College & University Preparation program.
  3. Learning support throughout. Unlike most programs where you might have to book appointments with instructors during their office hours, you can drop by the learning lab to receive one-on-one mentoring and help with course materials at times throughout the day—no appointment required.
  4. Financial assistance available. The ABE program offers two grants for students who may need financial aid. The Adult Upgrading Grant (AUG) is assessed based on the student’s financial need. If you don’t qualify for the AUG, there’s the Supplemental Upgrading Grant (SUG). There is also the Jim Duvall Memorial Award, Bob Irvine Award and the Jim Cooke Award, for which students can be nominated.
  5. Small classes with great teachers. Whatever learning style you opt for, you’ll find the class size for ABE courses is much smaller than regular university classes. With 23 students per class and the additional support of the learning lab, the ABE program provides students with an intimate setting and the availability of extra help from their instructors.

Submitted by Communications & Marketing, written by Rumnique Nannar