With the sudden end of our seemingly endless summer, come the longer dark nights and wetter days of autumn. To help put some brightness and zip into your fall, here are 10 activities and services right here on campus that will help you stay healthy, energized and motivated until spring returns.

  1. Back to Cap Run/Walk – September 24

Join the School of Human Kinetics for their annual Back to Cap Run/Walk on campus. This free, non-competitive event is open to the entire Capilano U community. With refreshments and fabulous prizes, it’s a fun opportunity to get to know fellow students, and take part in a spot of friendly competition.

  1. Get rec’d with Campus Recreation programs

If you’re interested in getting in shape, there’s a great selection of indoor activities beginning now and running until the end of term in the Sportsplex. Team sports such as indoor soccer, basketball and racquet sports are available on a free drop-in basis in the Gym. If exercising alone or in smaller groups is more up your alley, drop-in to the Multipurpose Room for yoga, karate, movement or table tennis. Cap also has a top-notch competitive Basketball League, with games on Mondays, Wednesdays and Sundays. Cap Card required.

  1. Get pumped up in the Fitness Centre

Who needs a gym membership when there’s a Fitness Centre on campus available to all students and employees? Flash your Cap Card at the Sportsplex Front Desk and you’ll gain access to strength equipment, stair climbers, rowing machines, free weights…even a sauna!

  1. Tryout for the Capilano Blues

Have you got what it takes to join the Capilano Blues? Capilano University has an exceptional athletics program, with men’s and women’s varsity teams in soccer, basketball and volleyball. More than 120 athletes compete for Capilano University each year. You could be one of them!

  1. The Fir Grind

We all know the Grouse Grind, but have you heard of the Fir Grind? Simply open the door to Fir building that directly faces Cedar and there it is! Like the steps of an Aztec monument or the steep sides of an Egyptian pyramid, those stairs will remind you to keep on moving up and up, step by step!

  1. Trails and walks

Capilano’s beautiful campus and adjacent neighbourhood is surrounded by trails, long and short, easy and difficult. Whether you’re looking for a peaceful walk to gather your thoughts, or a more invigorating run, there’s plenty to choose from. Here are just a few options:

  • Take a stroll through campus. Start at Birch and head up the East Walk all the way to Parking lot 2, turn left and loop around to the staircase leading up to the Community Garden, then take the West Walk through the stunning second-growth forest we’re so fortunate to have on campus.
  • Just a short walk behind the Sportsplex is the soccer field, which offers a flat, grassy surface for walking or running.
  • For a great workout, run down to Inter River Park (below the stables on Lillooet Road), loop around the fields and take the nearby trails.
  • Take the trail at the edge of Parking lot 1 down to Superstore on Mt. Seymour Parkway, get yourself a little something and run back up the hill.
  • Take a walk amongst the peaceful quiet of the cemetery behind the campus.
  • Go past the cemetery and run along the path adjacent to the road to Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve.
  1. Looking after your mental health

Your mental well-being is just as important as your physical health. Don’t hesitate to take advantage of the many support services here at Cap, like Counselling Services, Learning Specialist, First Nations Student Services, Centre for International Experience, Accessibility Services and the Conflict Resolution Advisor. A Mediation and Silent Prayer Space is available to all members of the Capilano U community.

  1. Doctor in the house

Did you know that Capilano U has a doctor on campus Tuesdays and Thursdays, as well as a dental hygienist? There’s even a plastic surgeon! General medical services are provided at no charge to students during the fall and spring terms.

  1. CSU Health and Dental Plan

The Capilano Students’ Union provides a Health and Dental Plan through ihaveaplan.ca. Most full-time students (e.g. those enrolled in nine or more credits) attending Capilano University in the Fall term will be automatically enrolled in the health and dental plan. This includes members at all three campuses, online students, and students taking courses at off-campus locations. Part-time students and those starting in the spring can self-enrol in the plan. And if you’re already covered, you have the option of opting out during the Change-of-Coverage period in August and September.

  1. Safety and First Aid

Lastly, Cap U’s security team is committed to providing a safe and secure campus experience for all students, employees and visitors. Contact Security for safety concerns, First Aid, the Safe Walk program and more!

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